We are PT Arkora Hydro , founded in Jakarta, Indonesia – dedicated to the development and operation of hydropower plants in Indonesia.

Our founding goal is to accelerate renewable energy development in Indonesia through construction of small to medium run-of-river hydro power plants, particularly in remote areas with stable demand but insufficient power supply. We work together with communities to build a sustainable future for us, them and Indonesia.

Comprised of a team of expert engineers, our management team at Arkora Hydro has extensive experience in hydropower, in-depth understanding of successfully managing project execution and a demonstrated ability to grow businesses both organically and inorganically. Currently operating 17,4 MW and constructing 10MW of hydropower plants in Java and Sulawesi, the company keeps expanding its hydropower portfolio throughout Indonesia by organic project development and acquisitions. As per 2019, the company has a total of 55 MW qualified for PLN's list of selected provider (Daftar Penyedia Terseleksi / DPT) for IPP Hydroelectric power plant. The 55 MW portfolio above consists of several small and medium size hydropower plant projects. Arkora Hydro aims to have 200 MW of hydropower plant under its portfolio by 2025.

With our developmental focus and operational excellence, Arkora Hydro strive for sustainability in all aspects of our business: the energy we produce, the contribution we make to local communities and the revenues we generate.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

To expand our portfolio of renewable energy projects and become the market leader of renewable energy power generation while being environment and socially responsible.

Our Mission

To develop renewable energy potentials in Indonesia in which will reduce carbon emission and build a more sustainable future.


Meet Arkora Hydro's Team

A perfect collaboration of engineering and financial experts. By combining our team's expertise in hydropower and our core values of integrity and dedication, we promise to deliver the best results for Arkora Hydro and all of our projects.

Board Of Directors

General Manager Engineering

Ardi Dwinanta Setiadharma

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President Director

Aldo Artoko

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Operation & Engineering Director

Ismu Nugroho

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Finance Director

Ricky Hartono

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Board Of Commisioner

President Commisioner


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Arya Pradana Setiadharma

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Police Inspector General, Drs. Indarto, S.H. (retired)

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Abhay Pande

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that building local communities is the starting point for our long term success

As a developer of small to medium scale hydropower projects mostly in remote areas, we see an incredible opportunity to drive positive change for all our stakeholders. By making every aspect of our business sustainable, we re-affirm our commitment to a better world. From our employees, to the communities that we are a part of, we want to conduct our business consciously and responsibly.

Aligned to our corporate social responsibility mission, we focus our efforts on the development of rural areas by supporting them in education and road infrastructure. Many of the remote areas in our feasibility studies are relatively primitive and are characterized by poor infrastructure. By building roads, their cost of living goes down, their accessibility and safety increases and we link them to areas with better facilities for health care, education, commerce and more.  Similarly we believe that education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. Knowledge and skills impact not only earnings, but self-esteem; not only the standard of living, but how life is lived. By bringing quality education to more people through education and vocational programs, we help build a more tolerant, healthy, just, and connected society.

Arkora Hydro also believes in running our business with integrity, responsibility and transparency, caring for the well-being of the planet and striving for the welfare of our employees, customers and the community.



Organizational Structure

Group Structure